Not What I Eat!

This morning I have a challenge to my nutrition, and I know that it’s coming. I’m going to go workout with a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and afterwards we are going to catch up over coffee. Harmless enough!

The challenge is that we are going to one of two places that I have really craved their foods that are high fat, high carb and little nutritional value. Here’s what is important about this situation….


Here is my plan. I have already eaten my breakfast for the day. Even though I am going to work out, I am not in need of any more calories to sustain me for the day. I will drink water during my workout, and I will get coffee afterward with my friends. I am clear that the sights and smells will activate that voice in my head that says something like, “Mmmmm…..that looks good. You can work it off later!”

But we know that’s not likely what I would do…..

More than likely, I would indulge in an unhealthy breakfast (actually, second breakfast), feel bloated and maybe end up at home taking a nap. Then later I would engage in the inevitable self-flagellation with the voice telling me, “You knew you shouldn’t have eaten that. See, you’re never going to get on top of this nutrition thing.” … or some version of that.  Here’s the trick…

That’s not what I eat!

That’s my mantra for now. I found myself saying that in my head as we went shopping for groceries last night. Cake, “That’s not what I eat.”  Candy, “That’s not what I eat.” Ice Cream, “That’s not what I eat.” Now, to be honest, it lives in my mind as something more like, “that’s not what I need to eat to meet my goals,” but this is a bit of a fake it till you make it kind of situation. I am going to continue to say, “That’s not what I eat,” until it becomes real for me. Then I’m going to say it some more.

Is this going to work for me? I don’t really know. However, I do know that there is a very mental component to any goal or commitment you take on in life. This is my strategy for today! So, when I sit down to hang out with my friends this morning surrounded by the sights and smells of breakfast, it’s no problem, cause that’s not what I eat!

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